A Few Words About A Penguin Secret Agent

"Elton Webb: On The Emperor's Secret Service" was written by Erin Snyder, a writer with limited artistic skill currently living in New York City.  But that's enough of the third person.

All of this was made in December of 2005, when I was largely unemployed, poor, and wanted to make SOMETHING for Lindsay, who was then my girlfriend and is now (I'm happy to say) my wife.

Lindsay, like everyone else who has ever lived, adores penguins.  She has also since become fascinated by Ian Fleming's Bond books, so this were somewhat prophetic.

As the comic illustrates, I am not much of an artist.  Any aspect of the comic that's interesting to look at can be attributed to the ridiculous amount of time I poured into this project and not to any ability on my part.

Will there ever be a sequel?  I've had "Goldfeather" plotted since I finished part one, but I don't expect to have the time to work on it any time soon.  Still, you never know.

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